About Us:

HDTrailerz, is a website where you will find the highest quality Movie Trailers, Music Videos, Game Trailers and play tons of Flash Games in one place. You will also be able to share, Chat and review your favorite medias with your friends and make new ones as well.

Why I created this website and Facebook application:

Whether its age, gender, race, background, social status or wealth, people often are quick to judge and typically choose to see people’s differences first. When in reality they don’t realize that they actually have a lot in common. I built this website and facebook app so that people can understand each other better through music, movies, chatting, playing games and hopefully they will be able to get to know each other at a different level than the norm. I hope everyone who reads this signs up and shares my vision and is able to connect with people that may seem different at first but actually have a great deal in common. Thank you and I hope you all enjoy the site.

Link to facebook app: http://apps.facebook.com/hdtrailerz